just another friday evening at the pipe

We have had very little wind for the last few days. Winter is just the best weather, wild storms and glorious balmy days. I had a great surf at lunch time so when I took the boys down this afternoon I sat and painted. I had a little more time so was more relaxed about some of the detail. I also painted in a larger format 380x560mm. And here is what I did:

As I was packing up one of the young guys came out of the water and asked me what I had painted.  When he saw this he said in Afrikaans “but that is what you painted last time” with some disgust.  sigh!


8 thoughts on “just another friday evening at the pipe

    • Ai – jy’s reg – iets om oor te dink ne – he just said it with such disdain – it made me smile – he is quite a pik but also quite vocal on the waves.
      But yes – time for a change perhaps – I still feel so far from getting it right though. There is that half hour before sunset when the colours change so fast. Maybe if I could do a painting in 5 minutes.
      Also I am keen to get some figures into the pipe paintings –
      lets see
      We have another still day in the basin – I hope you guys are out and about.
      Cheers hey

    • Hi Linda – I agree – thanks for the comments. I did feel that I had taken a step forward of some sort with this. And painting there is just so nice. Again I had people I know and people I don’t stopping by to chat – which is also fun.

  1. “but that is what you painted the last time” LOL! Did you tell him it looked different the last time?

    Everyone’s a critic!

    I like the sky above the mountains and the surf coming up to the beach.

    Maybe you can make a page with all your pipe paintings on it with the dates so you (and we) can see how the paintings have changed over time.

    • Hi Carol – I tried yesterday to create a page of pipe paintings on my website but eventually gave up in frustration – but I will get hold of Hagen the Hero and he will help me sort it out. That is a great idea.
      Thanks hey

  2. I will not tire of “The Pipe”! I really like how you are rendering the posts, now, as you have brought them forward by incorporating a little more detail. I like the misty feel of the sky in the upper right and around the mountaintops in this one. The mountains are holding my attention a little longer in your recent paintings, also, but can’t put my finger on what you might be doing different, as yet. Love them. Paint with abandon, Stephen!

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