Part – 3 of the Pipe video – (final)

Here is the third and final part of the Pipe video. I have had some good ideas about how to do these differently.


4 thoughts on “Part – 3 of the Pipe video – (final)

  1. Hi Stephen,

    Wow, I feel like I’ve learned a secret! How to paint the pipe!

    It was so interesting to watch you paint and to hear the breeze blowing and once in a while your voice.

    Next time, maybe you can speak more while painting….telling the veiwer what color paint you are using, the kind of brush and maybe show the view that you are looking at.

    Soon, there will be a whole series….how to paint by Stephen J. Quirke!

    • heh heh – I was aware that I did not say much but I did not feel like it. Perhaps I will make a sound track for the next one – this all takes me into another realm but it is also fun. The idea of a series sounds great – got to ratchet up the video technique a little first – and the watercolour – but that is the journey. All the best your side too. S

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