Video at the pipe

Phew – these take ages to edit and upload.  Here is the first of three videos of the last watercolour I painted at the Pipe, uploaded for you on You Tube.  I want to create a single short version but have done these in the meantime.  Please let me know what you prefer.  Thanks


6 thoughts on “Video at the pipe

  1. I think any video is valuable and you should do whatever is easiest and most time effective for you. When I watch YouTube I watch both long and short videos. I leave a video when I lose focus, i.e. interest. I will say 10 minutes is about the longest I’ve ever watched. This one was about right because of the way you work down the paper, top to bottom, sky to sand and start the detail. Very nice. Thank you!

    • Hi Linda – thanks hey – I think the best video would be to compress all three parts into one – showing the highlights. It is not lost on me that video is an art form all of its own – Cheers hey S

  2. YAY! I was just wondering if you had posted a video yet so I popped by and here it is! Can’t wait to watch it.

    Which I will do now. And then comment again.

  3. Don’t know what happened, but I couldn’t access the video. I’m quite interested to see it.
    It just says, “an error occurred, try again later”
    Glad to see you painting the unruly sea. I’d like to see you get right close to those waves, just like you surf in, and see your watercolour interpretation that results! Might be spectacular!

    • Hi K – Ah – there is an idea – I have thought about borrowing a stand-up paddle board to paint from behind the break – but painting the waves would be a nice challenge – thanks hey

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