Cold Friday at the Pipe

Well Winter has settled in.  We have had a week of storms and pouring rain.  Yesterday afternoon the sea was full of silt from the Lourens River flooding into False Bay and the waves were big and cold.  After three days of workshop facilitation I just wanted to be out but it was not a great surf.  The surf school went down to Duckies which I contemplated for a while before changing.  I stood on the dune to do this painting:

I used a larger sheet (280x380mm) as I did last time.   There is so much colour in the sand but with the cold weather the washes did not dry soon enough for glazing.  Maybe I will have time for another one today.


4 thoughts on “Cold Friday at the Pipe

  1. Of course, we have to have the posts and the beach in these but the sky and the mountains in this particular piece are stunning. The depth you captured there is beautiful!

    • Hi Leslie – thanks hey. I find myself having to work faster again, and with less detail. Thanks for your kind comments. Isn’t this such a great thing to do? All the best your side – Stephen

  2. I really like the warmth in this one.
    If things aren’t drying fast enough, maybe you could do the first wash and then go out surfing, then come back for the next one, or maybe, as one of my mentors suggested, sit back and enjoy a glass of wine (or beer, or whatever your imbibation is)

    • Another good idea – we have to be very careful about thieving here. So I could not leave my stuff out on the dune – but it would be worth the trouble – I have not thought of a beer or a glass of wine – but that too would create a very laid back feel to it all – which would be a good thing. High school history test – frequently used phrases – “This was a good thing” (o:

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