riot at the pipe

I have felt out of sorts today and spent some time reading work stuff in the thin winter sunshine.  And I had a snooze in the sun.  Then I decided my soul craved watercolour so I went down to the pipe.  The waves were really good but it looked a bit crowded so I put larger sheet on my box and did this:

it is 280x380mm (twice the size I have been doing) 300g Arches Cold Pressed.   It is dark outside so I may take another better photo of the painting tomorrow.

The scene was interesting when I arrived, with a large cloud stretching over the Western sky behind me, creating shade on the mountains.  The cloud cleared as I started to paint.  Then all of a sudden the sky exploded in a riot of pinks, pearls and orange – I just could not keep up, though I captured some.  And the beach took on oranges and glittering blue shadows.  Whoosh – what a show!

Oh yes and I held the brushes right at the back – it just kind of feels right.  On the way home I had an idea.  Maybe I should take a big board and do a full sized sheet and paint with my squirrel mop and 12 round sables – heh heh – if it turns into a mess I will just cut it up and paint smaller watercolours on the other side.

6 thoughts on “riot at the pipe

  1. Stephen, it is a beautiful riot of colors and a very interesting addition to your “Pipe” paintings for the BOOK! I think this is one of the very few times you have subdued the mountains!

    • Leslie – my friend – you are so special – this vision is taking shape – it is a mystery – I feel almost like an observer.
      The scene at the pipe was different each time I looked up – but I am getting to know the mountains. I had some charming chats with friends and strangers tonight. S

  2. Stephen! This is a special pipe picture. The colors are amazing! But it almost looks like there’s no ocean in your painting even though I know there is.

    I really like this and I like Leslie’s comment about putting all your paintings together for “PIPE” The Book! Followed shortly by PIPE, the video.

    Hope you’re feeling better!

    • Hi Carol
      Yeah I am OK – Monday is here and this is an exciting week in my other world.
      A Pipe Book is such a cool idea –
      I have another book to write first – MA Research!!!!! But that is also picking up steam and it will get me into a writing discipline.

      You have an amazing Monday


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