first chilly evening at the pipe for this winter

Yesterday was long and interesting.  And by the end of it I looked forward to a good surf when I took my boys down to the Son Surf School.

The Pipe was sullen, wild and cold, with swell coming from all direction and an on-shore wind.  I went out and sat at the back, watching the waves crash in angry, milky brown piles but found they were too fast and hollow for me.  The short-board guys were having a great time though.  Eventually I decided to go in.  I had one lame wave and that was it.

I changed, got my stuff out of the car and set up just as the school was coming up the beach.  So again I had little time but did a painting.

The cooler weather means the washes don’t dry so fast and I am getting back to having to work in one single, wet wash.  Which is lekker.

I found myself holding my brush differently – right at the back – like Alvaro C.  mmm – interesting – that is from working with the video camera.

Today being Saturday I am hoping to edit my last video and get it up here.

Let’s see what the day holds…


2 thoughts on “first chilly evening at the pipe for this winter

    • it is a great time for fires hey? We have a Welcome Dover stoofie that I have taken all of the baffles out of so we make soup and pizza this time as well.

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