2010 Longboard Classic

Son Surf is holding the Longboard Classic this weekend and I offered to paint a watercolour of event for them to use as a prize.  After I had finished my events in which I surfed like a nana (short for banana) I sat and painted this:

this is 560x390mm ( a half sheet of Arches) which is bigger than the size to which I am accustomed now.  But there it is.  My nasty little perfectionist is saying “not good enough”  so I am doing it again from photo’s in my studio.

This is how it looks after an hour, a bath a cup of coffee and some chocolate digestive biscuits:

Not the best reproduction but I am ready to continue so that is it for now.  I am enjoying sitting in my studio, listening to the music of Hotel Costes and painting – though I am feeling really tired

OK – and here it is – it is now going on for 11:30 and I am ready for a snooze.  I have signed this piece to show that it really is the end:

I am listening to Allegri’s Miserere mei, Deus which is one of the most beautiful choral pieces.  When I was a little boy I used to sing descants like this.  The score of the work was kept under lock and key and it was sung only at Easter (I think).  Mozart listened to it once and rewrote the complete score from memory.


12 thoughts on “2010 Longboard Classic

  1. You have ended up with an excellent painting. I love the talk between. The thing I noticed between the first one and the last is that you have moved that upright from almost the centre, which improves the composition. The old two thirds one third law. I admire you for taking up this challenge.

    • Hi Erin – thanks for reminding me about composition – I have to say I just painted what I saw – I guess if I had thought about it I could have softened the flag in the middle. But whatever – it was fun. The final painting was won by a woman who works in the local surfshop who was pregnant! And she said she was chuffed about it. And the painting I did on the spot was won in a lucky draw by the son of the owner of local ‘orange’ cafe over the road from the Pipe. So all good stuff. Nice to see you here

    • Hey Leslie – I took note of the time I took on the evening painting because of your comments in your forest posting. I guess from sitting down to last stroke the painting took about two and a half hours – maybe three. I also like being able to look around the painting at different things going on. I put them both up on a flip-chart stand someone had taken to the beach and got some nice feedback from the people milling around.

  2. Loved seeing the paintings and the running commentary too.

    Lucky person who will win the painting as a prize. I laughed when you wrote you surfed like a nana. Good thing you explained it. I thought you meant you surfed like a grandma!

    • In this case nana would probably have meant the same thing – competition surfing is a different game.
      I was out on Tuesday and had some great waves – in my own time.

      How are you doing that side?

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