a late spring offering

Here is a late offering for Ryan’s challenge – well – it is Autumn here – though Autumn and Winter are really quite mild compared with what you my Northern Cousins experience.  I did two and would love to do more.  Here is the first, which I did last night:

And here is the second which I did today after reading two chapters from “The Enthusiastic Employee”  towards my research.

I am not sure how firm he will be about the deadline – but I wanted to do this before coming to see all the other work.

Big day tomorrow but if there is enough light later I will take better photos and post them – otherwise the next day


14 thoughts on “a late spring offering

    • Hey Leslie – thanks – I would like to have got some richer red-oranges but otherwise I am happy with this – I am still looking at all the other work – phew – what long Monday –

    • Hi CK – I started looking through the video of the painting in Betty’s Bay but I think it is too pedestrian – and overworked – I may do a video of the first half or something – but time is not on my side at this stage. I hope you are creating more beautiful, sensitive works – in fact I am coming over to look shortly

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