12 thoughts on “Touw River Watercolour part – 2

  1. I love how you paint!
    You have an interesting way to paint the nature!
    The video is great!
    I like also the birds singing in the background! 😉
    Thank you for share it,dear friend!!!

    Take care!! 🙂

  2. Loved watching the 2nd part as much as the first. And listening to those birds while watching you paint is very relaxing.

    Next video, talk about your color choices. 🙂

    • Hi Carol – thanks hey – I would love to get a better microphone system – some of the bird songs are not picked up. I am glad you enjoyed it.
      Paint choice is a good idea – I should have a page about my palette and comment on it as I go.
      I can think of a few things I would like to do differently as I paint, just from watching myself – so it is a good learning experience for me too.
      Have a great weekend your side.

  3. I watched in fascination as you painted. You paint with so much confidence and assurance. I also really loved hearing you talk about the birds and the surroundings. The area sounds wonderful. It was also nice to hear your voice. Thank you for sharing these videos. I hope you do more!

    • Well that is great affirmation. It really is so beautiful there. I would love to do that again soon. The whole video process is quite an overlay of effort and I find I can’t adopt my usual painting position, so that will take some getting used to. But it is also a good learning experience. And your encouragement is special. So thank you too Linda.

  4. Very cool Stephen! It was neat to hear your voice and see you paint! I haven’t heard from you in awhile but looks like you have been really busy. I love your new blog and website it all looks very slick and organized. Congrats!

    • Hi Maria – nice to see you here – mmm – I have been painting quite a bit in the last couple of months, and experimenting with video. Thanks for the comments on my site. I am busy with a research project for my other life which will absorb most of my time but as soon as it is there I want to get my online gallery and shop in place. I have not been doing much blogging and visiting lately but hope to get out to see what everyone else has been up to soon. Cheers hey

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