Touw river video – part 1

I have edited the first part of the Touw River painting from the weekend:

I have taken out all the parts where I have the brush off the page though in retrospect this may not be the best way to edit.  Please let me know what works.  I think possibly I should make these short excerpts from a DVD that I can send out at a later stage.  But anyway – here it is:

Part 2 is busy uploading now – eek – error – our bandwidth is sweating here – start again


6 thoughts on “Touw river video – part 1

  1. YAY! That was great watching you paint! I anxiously await Part 2. Thanks so much for doing this Stephen. while I find it interesting to watch you work, it is also helping me to learn.

    (Nice to hear your voice too!)

  2. That was totally awesome. I finally get to hear your voice. I love all the bird songs and the sound of running water. Okay, okay. Your video is super fantastic! Your painting style is effortless! Bravo!

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