Waiting for a pizza at Pomodoro

I stayed in Wilderness while I worked for a client in George.  One evening I went to have a pizza at Pomodoro, in the old Post Host in the town.  I had decided to go over some notes for the next day’s session as I sat there and had decided not to take a sketch book or my watercolour set even though I would love to sit there and paint the scene.  I was reading.  I was!  But then I looked up and could not resist the scene.  I didn’t even have a pencil so I drew this on the back of one of my note pages with my ball-point pen:

As I got to this point the couple got up and left with the child.  So I read some more until looking up again I saw this scene:

And waiting for my bill I worked to get the guy’s head right:

And then I was ready for the next day – and ready for a night of rest, listening to the night-jars.

7 thoughts on “Waiting for a pizza at Pomodoro

    • heh heh – I thought of that while I was drawing.

      Fiery-necked Nightjar – Caprimulgus pectoralis The Fiery-necked Nightjar is probably the best known, mainly because of its beautiful call on still nights – it sounds a bit like “good Lord deliver us”, and it is therefore called the “Litany Bird”. It is said to call only on cold, moonlit nights, but I think it may be that it is heard more clearly on such nights. Nightjars are most active during dusk and dawn. The species name Caprimulgus means “to milk a goat”, from the bird’s wide mouth and habit of hunting insects near animal pens at night. I tried to find a recording of the sound which is quite haunting and very characteristic of the African night, but could not. (From Nico Myburgh’s website).

  1. If you drew so that day, you’ve had to wait until the pizza arrived! Lol!
    The drawings are very beautiful!!!

    Take care,Stephen!! 🙂

    • Hi K – thanks hey – I agree with you on this. Wouldn’t it be great to capture the same dynamism in a watercolour? But pencil or pen is so easy. Cheers hey

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