Painting on the Touw River

Two days of coaching drained me and I sat down on the river bank in the camp site to do a sketch of the river.  There were people from up-country in George for school holidays and a big schools-rugby event.  People from inland seem to be far more friendly and outgoing than locals in the Cape and everyone said “Hi” and made a comment about beauty of the area.   As I sat, the father of one of the rugby players brought a camp stool and sat with me.  Community is such a pleasant thing.  While his son plaited leaves from the reeds and he knotted them – I painted this:

Then I went to lie down for a rest, thinking I would go to Pomodoro for supper.  A crowd of local families had pitched camp nearby and some played beautiful guitar music while someone else played on a bongo drum.  I think someone sang, I am not sure because I drifted off and woke up after midnight as they packed away.   I had a shower and went back to sleep.   In the morning I got up slowly and wandered up the trail on the other side of the river, with a mission.  I wanted to paint and video.  And I did.  The video is still waiting to be edited but here is the first painting:

This is 19x28mm.  There was a lot going on so I used a sheet 28x38mm and had another go:

By then I was getting frustrated by the scene and trying to capture it with a video camera running so I closed it all down and sat with a page taped to my book and did this little sketch:

I also recorded some shots of me introducing the scene which, in the spirit of adventure, I will show here when I can clean them up.   And all too soon it was time to pack up the gear walk back to the campsite, pack up and head out for Somerset West.  But not before I had picked up a Quattro Stagione from Pomodoro which I started looking out over the mouth of the Kaaimans River.


10 thoughts on “Painting on the Touw River

  1. Stephen. What a wonderful riverbend. Love the colors especially where you included that warm color in the water. My absolute favorite of the above is the second one down where the bit of color ran down and onto the water from the bank. There is a very strong sense of light in that painting. Can hardly wait to see your video!

    • Hey Leslie – thanks a stack – I have a video of that one which I will process. I also did a video of the next one but in portrait format so it has to be viewed on its side which is a little weird.

  2. I especially like the 2 in the centre, particularly the vertical one for the composition & the horizontal for the light. There’s a misty look of hazy sunlight which makes me imagine exotic scents as the day is heating up.

    • thanks Sonya – I did a video of the vertical painting, thinking I could do a ‘portrait’ to ‘landscape’ conversion but alas. Maybe I should just put it up anyway. I love forests so much.

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