More movies

Here are two painting of Sinead watching movies again – Adam – seems like we watch a lot of movies:

I had to keep asking her to hold her juice still so she accused me of child abuse.  Then she sat curled up like this:


12 thoughts on “More movies

  1. WHAT! I leave your site for like 5 minutes and suddenly there’s a bazillion new paintings posted! They all look fab. I’ll start with this one and work my way through.

    More studies of the lovely Sinead. I canNOT believe she accused you of child abuse! LOL! Kids these days.

    I like how you captured her this time, but my only critique (I hope you don’t mind) is I think her face is too much in shadow. I don’t know if it’s the lighting or what, but I’d like to see more of her lovely face.

    • mmm – thanks for the feedback – they sit in a fairly darkened room to watch but I also have been free with the shadows. I will have to give her a break and then I will ask her to sit and read in the sunshine – one day – cheers hey

    • Hi Isabelle – nice to see you here – I have been working over the weekend and preparing before that. Thanks for this encouragement. I am coming to see how your figures are going…

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