More movie paintings

Here are two paintings of Sinead that I did not want to post at first – then I thought I should continue to record the journey – the rough and the smooth.  I really must make a plan to get some better light on what I am doing.  Here is the first:

And here is the second:


8 thoughts on “More movie paintings

  1. Glad you did. There’s some nice stuff happening. I like the way you’ve left the unpainted paper. The faces may not need as much work though. I remember a tutor saying to me that the faces on my painting looked different from the rest – because I’d put too much work into them compared to the rest. Less is more!. We get very hard on ourselves.

    • Thanks Erin – that is good feedback for me to consider. There is so much detail in a face that I want to get right that I can see me falling into exactly that error. So we push on – all the best that side

  2. Who is sitting next to Sinead in the first study? I like the blue you used on her legs in the first study and her shoulder on the 2nd one. What was she watching?

    • Hey Carol – that is Aura sitting next to her but I got frustrated with how it was going and didn’t finish – heh heh – now I don’t remember what they were watching. The blue works well hey? thanks for pointing that out.

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