500 days of Summer

Here are two paintings I did last night of Sinead while she was watching a DVD.  The light wasn’t great but I thought this was a good way to spend the time.  It was an interesting story too.  Here is the first one:

And here is the second:

The photos are shifted a little to the blue side but anyway…

OK – here is better one of the second painting:


8 thoughts on “500 days of Summer

  1. That top one rocks, Stephen. I definitely see your admiration for Charles Reid in your work. This appears as it is second nature for you to paint figures. Very impressive.

    • Hey cool – thanks Leslie – I am trying to get colour down with economical strokes as well as getting the right shapes – it is all very fulfilling – in the top one I drew her legs and then measured with a pencil to find her knees were much bigger than I had – that is quite a scary feeling.

  2. Ah! It’s nice to see Sinead since you usually feature the boys while you are out surfing or doing sports! She looks bored with whatever movies she was watching. Amazing how different it looks with different lighting.

    • heh heh – she was engrossed in the movie – maybe what you are seeing is the teenage response to being dad’s model – I wasn’t quick enough to catch the rolling eyes – no not really – she very sweetly sat quite still. The light was very poor where I was sitting and sadly – it is time for me to seriously look for some optical assistance – glasses. She started on the editing job but had also offered to cook supper tonight so I shall have to wait – but it is worth it – you remember the person you spoke about who could throw and telephone directory into boiling water and it would be the best soup you ever tasted? Well my wife is like that and Sinead has inherited it. Must be an Italian thing.

  3. She was very concentrated to watch the movie 😉
    I think that you had all the time to paint her in all this time 🙂
    Beautiful work again!!!

    Enjoy the moment! 🙂 😉

    • Hi Isabelle – how are you doing? thanks for the note – it is fun working like this but I need a better light on my work. I have done more which I will post soon. Cheers hey

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