Monday morning at the Pipe

I went for a dawny this morning at the Pipe as I knew the wind would pick up later (as it has).  The sun was not yet up and the sky was a light orangy pink etched with small dark purple clouds and the mountains over Gordon’s Bay were blue and purple.  I almost ditched the idea of a surf.  But I saw I had the break to myself so I paddled out on the glassy water and had a good half hour out there on my own – which is so cool.  As the first guys paddled out the began to blow gently and we had another hour of great surf.  A few of my mates were out there which is always quite fun.

I was going to rush off to do some work but decided that a watercolour was called for.  And here it is:

No that is much too blue – I will take another shot outside.  Here we go:

Big difference no?


6 thoughts on “Monday morning at the Pipe

  1. WOW. My favorite, yet of the pipe. I think what really sticks out as wonderful in this is that deep dark shadow in the foreground, the darkness and color of the sea and the lovely cloudshapes in that wonderful blue sky. The depth in this is wonderful. I feel like I am there.

    • Hi Leslie – thanks – in this one I drew the poles first and then the mountains and I painted them after the sky so they were the main event. it was very windy down there this evening. The clouds early in the morning put me in mind to capture clouds – cheers hey

  2. Big difference, YES!

    The mountains in the background look sharper. No, not the image, but the peaks look sharper, more jagged and the clouds above the peaks are jagged as well. They contrast nicely with the thin horizontal line of water.

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