A murky afternoon at the Pipe

It was a murky day in False Bay and there was a cool onshore wind blowing at the pipe.  The mountains were barely visible through the gloom.   I had a short surf and took some time to paint this watercolour.

I need to thank Cecil from Surfing South Africa who gave us some wax.   The orange cafe was all out and Ethan, his two mates and I were all in need.  They were at the Pipe teaching a whole lot of kids, I think from under-privileged areas about surfing.  Way to go guys.  When I asked if he could sell us some wax he dug a block out of his bag and gave it to me.

I also had another go at creating a video.  I will make a short edition of what I created but it is difficult to get it right – I will have to start using an umbrella for shade and must get the angle right.  Anway here is the painting which is from a position nearer the sea.  I have captured some of the people strolling along the shore.  The couple on the right, decked out in matching wetsuits came down with their boogey boards and glared at the waves for a while before walking back up the beach, without getting their feet wet.

Here is the watercolour:


6 thoughts on “A murky afternoon at the Pipe

  1. Love that you’ve included people in this, Stephen. I am becoming more intrigued with the color changes in your paintings as the seasons progress. The water still looks cold in this one.

    • Hi Leslie – painting people is fun – I am sure if I do it more often I will develop a nice quick solution. There is so much colour in sand – It really is quite a challenge because I am keen to capture the colour faithfully as is it part of the place. Cheers hey – thanks so much for your support here. S

  2. I like this painting particularly because you have moved your horizon line up which changes your composition a bit. I like the people on the beach too. Which I could be one of them.

    • Hey Carol – we are so fortunate – we are cooking here again and I am sitting working in scruffy shorts. I was sitting nearer the shoreline hoping some subjects would sit in front of me for foreground interest. The other day there was the sweetest little old couple who looked liked they had wandered out of the 20s to the beach. She waded up to her ankles in the water while he collected shells by pulling them towards himself with his walking stick. I so wanted to paint them but did not want to impinge on their afternoon at the beach.
      Well I hope you have plans for a some beach time this Summer – while we shiver – even if we don’t freeze (much). S

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