Friday at the Pipe

Here is tonight’s watercolour at the pipe.  The mountains have been washed clean and fresh by the season’s first rain were showing all the colours in the afternoon sunshine.

The Clicking Stream Frogs are all chorusing in the undergrowth, waiting to breed in the pool and an Olive Thrush is singing in the tree outside my studio.


9 thoughts on “Friday at the Pipe

    • Hey Leslie – well I have been painting there for just over a year now. I would love to log a lifetime (what is left of it) of reflections on that spot. See how people are carrying off the poles. It is a bit of a shame. They were put up by Mikhail Thompson, who runs the local Son Surf group who do the surf school. He wants the kids to learn to put something back. This morning early I lay thinking about how I would like to do a painting of him as well. Another project…
      Anyway – Winter is on its way and I am interested to see how I will cope with the wet and chilly afternoons out this time around.
      Cheers hey
      I hope you are painting away

      • Oh. I am always painting away, like you. It is wonderful to share our visions around the world and yours is one I would always want to view. Your spontaneity energises me and your speed in recording. You are quite the adventurer in my book, anyway. Keep up the wonderful work.

  1. It’s nice to see the pipe after the nor’easter we had here yesterday. The roads flooded, trees came down everywhere and the Staten Island Ferry Service was shut down due to high winds. And here you are enjoying yourself at the pipe.

    Lovely subtle colors in the mountains and the sand. And the water looks very inviting.

    • that sounds terrible – you are right – we really can’t complain about our weather. the water was great – I am hoping to get out early tomorrow
      People have been seeing sharks there which is a bit unnerving. Last Tuesday the shallows at the pipe were full of rays – hundreds of them – mostly small but some up to a metre from one wing-tip to the other – we could see them as we surfed over the shallow water – there had been a huge school of dolphins too.

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