a watercolour and a video at Kogel Bay

Yesterday I went down to Kogel bay and had a first go at recording my painting process on video. heh heh it was quite fun – but there is still some stuff I have to learn about this. For a start I had been experimenting with the camcorder and only had 28 minutes of battery life left, and I have yet to buy a back up. Anycase – the only way to begin sometimes is to begin. I set up on a rock with a tripod behind me and my art box, on the tripod in front of me. phew!! Then I got the first painting going:

I got this far when the shutter on the camera closed and I realised that I had not hit “Record” – Oh yeah – beginners stuff.

Then I set up again and did this painting:

And here is the first video. There is a lot I am not keen on. For a start I had my water box down on my right and every time I cleaned my brush my big black hat flops in front of the screen. Also, I was quite nervous – now I wonder what that is about – and did not do the most amazing painting. Oh yes I also cut out a messy piece in the middle and have part one and two. A bit steam-driven but anyway here it is. Please let me know what you think. If you like I will put up the second part of the painting. It is quite a large download. Oh yes #2 – turn your volume down – I gave a running commentary on the painting but all the microphone picked up was the sound of the sea.

When I get some decent editing software I will clean it up a little and repost it.

12 thoughts on “a watercolour and a video at Kogel Bay

  1. I, for one like watching you paint even if I can’t hear you. I don’t mind ocean sounds! Love the colors in this painting, Stephen. I will be looking forward to viewing more videos. Nervous? I know I would be, too, if I tried this. Good job. πŸ™‚

    • Hi Leslie – thanks for the encouragement – setting up is a bit more of a mission than hauling out the mini-palette and taping paper to my book. But it was fun. I just want to do more – but today I have to summarise another book – mmmm – do you think you would be nervous too – well that is also encouraging – it was almost like doing a live demo – which I have only done a few times.

  2. Stephen, this was WONDERFUL. I liked watching you paint AND hearing the sound of the ocean! And now that your first one is under your belt you won’t have to be nervous anymore.

    Like Leslie, I look forward to more of these videos!!!!!!

    • Thanks Carol – if I can knock off my other work, I will try to have another go later in the week. The camcorder has an attachment for an exernal microphone, so I could maybe use a boom mike. This thing could go in a few interesting directions – Cheers hey S

  3. Great video!!!
    I like a lot to look how other people paint something. I think that it’s a nice moment because i can see how the paint is made from the beginning until the end!
    Thank you for share it with us, my dear friend!! πŸ™‚

    Have a magnificent day!! πŸ™‚

    • Hi Jamie – I thought of your video of Bart Willems yesterday when I was out at the Pipe – it was so choppy – but obviously way way smaller – those guys who ride the waves at Mavericks are wild!
      Thanks for your encouraging note – cheers hey S

    • Hi K – it has been a while – thanks for the comment – I cut out the most annoying pieces where my head got in the way so it is better – I am still editing the next one with the help of my kids.

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