People at the Pipe

This was fun.  Someone has taken away another one of the poles at the entrance to the Pipe Beach so I didn’t feel like painting the usual scene.  Also I had some reading to do so I decided to paint some of the  people.

This mother was waiting with her daughter for her son who was also in the surf school:

This chap was standing with a towel round his waist, chatting with friends:

And these kids were playing in the sand:

while their mother checked her cellphone messages:

I am getting going on the research project I have to do for my studies and had brought some reading.  I packed my stuff away and took out some reading.  Then this old couple came striding past, further away down the beach and I could not resist trying to capture them too:

And that was that.

I am going to have to plough much of my time into my studies for the next while but want to get in some painting, for balance (or at least the illusion of a balance).


16 thoughts on “People at the Pipe

    • Hi Linda – I was quite suprised at how little paint you have to put down to capture the essence – it was quite enlightening – I hope to do more soon – cheers hey

    • Hey Leslie – thanks – yes I would like to be able to rattle off a group of people – one day – they do move around a lot and the trick seems to be to remember the shapes of the main splotches of colour – our brain does the rest –



  1. Hey Stephen, stopped by to see if there was a video yet but was happy to see people on the beach. I liked your comment about how little paint one has to put down to capture the essence the scene.

    Not beach weather here yet. But it was a bit warmer and sunnier.

      • Hi Leslie
        It is warm and muggy at the moment – yesterday was one of the hottest days this summer. But the weather changes quite quickly when the cold-fronts come marching over the Southern tip of Africa. We normally have a wet Easter weekend, a few more weeks of warm and then it gets cold and wet. But not cold like you guys get. However I sit shivering in my studio, wrapped in a blanket to work. I am such a lizard… I love Summer

    • thanks K – kids are such fun – they get so engrossed in what they do – but of course they move around a lot – this could be a life work – getting better at painting kids. Cheers hey

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