Overnight at ‘Beddies’

We have just returned from a night-over in ‘Beddies’.  Thats what the surfers call it “hey man I was in Beddies yesterday – and it was sick”.  Betty’s Bay.  We have friends with a cottage just below Luiperdskloof.  We got there in the late afternoon yesterday and while the boys went off for a surf I sat and painted a watercolour.  Actually it was from about the same spot where I had painted in the pouring rain last year and the watercolour had suffered the same treatment as I. W. Spider.  Here is how it looked yesterday:

While I was painting the wisp of cloud over the mountain developed into a dense blanket obliterating any view above a few hundred feet.

The next morning I got up early and painted the from behind our friends cottage.

Their back-garden is a riot of fynbos and indigenous trees, with a small patch of Buffalo Grass – a broad-leafed lawn grass that is indigenous to the area.  What a pleasant way to start the day.  Later the wind picked up and though we went for a surf it was not very much.  We went to Pringle bay, which is tucked away between the two peaks I paint on the far right in the mountains I paint from “The Pipe”.  I wanted to do a quick sketch but was outvoted by the boys.

Later in the day I painted Rob, our host as he read the paper and chatted:

And then we went down to the break at Betty’s a last time to see if the break was working.  There was a strong South Easter blowing on shore so no-one surfed but some of the group went for a walk down the beach which was quite wild in the wind.  I found a vegetation covered dune and got my stuff ready to paint.  I had to tape everything down but even so the wind kept lifting the paper from the sketch book to which it was taped.  Julian took this shot of me painting:

Gives new meaning to “whatever blows your hair back”  heh heh.

And here is the painting I did:

All quite rushed but there it is.


10 thoughts on “Overnight at ‘Beddies’

  1. These are wonderful, you wanderer, you. I really like your portrait of your friend. Nice attention payed to what counts. I also am very impressed with the one of the cloud covering the mountain.

    • Hi Leslie – thanks for this – it is such a beautiful place – we walked up the mountain to see the flowers (I will get the name) I had gastro and was feeling awful but wanted to sit and sketch but had not taken any paper to paint on so I just lay in the cool air and snoozed before wandering – definitely on my list to go up there again. S

  2. Hey Stephen, first of all, where are your shoes? What if you cut yourself and it gets infected???

    Love how you captured the mist in the first painting. You have a wonderful way with foliage and it shows in that tree in the second painting.

    I like the portrait of Rob and even your “rushed” painting has a wonderful airy quality to it. The water is quite inviting.

    Still cold here.

    • Man I really feel for you with the cold weather – we are still cooking here even though it is windy – which is a serious fire hazard round here.
      the shoes business could have been much MUCH worse – as you know – but I really like walking on the beach barefoot. I have a kind of a rule about it.
      Thanks for the comments

  3. You are lucky to live in a very beautiful place like these one from your paintings. I think that you admire the nature and in the same time you give a personal touch through your watercolors 🙂
    Is it your portrait? Beautiful work, my friend! I’ve always tried to make myself the portrait and I’ve never succeed it 😦 I think that is not for me this ;))

    Enjoy the moment, my friend! 🙂

    • Hi Alina – yes I love nature – I love to feel sand sifting through my toes when I sit and I love the sound of leaves in the breeze – all very special to me as I see it is to you.
      thanks for the comment on my watercolours. The portrait is of my friend in whose house we stayed, I also battle with portraits, sometimes the paint doesn’t do just what I want and then the portrait can be un-flattering but I think it is worth persisting. Have a great day your side – S

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