Three Saturday morning watercolours at The Pipe

There was not a breath of wind this morning at the pipe.  The sea was almost glassy and there were some good sets coming in earlier.  After a while all the waves seemed to disappear so I came out and did this painting:

By the time I had finished there were many people lying on the beach, closer to the sea so I went down and did these two watercolours.

Why don’t they sit still?  By the time this was done everyone was out of the painting!

This woman was chatting with a friend standing next to her which would have made a great composition but then her friend wandered off to the water.  And I ran out of time to finish all of their stuff lying around.


6 thoughts on “Three Saturday morning watercolours at The Pipe

  1. I love this, Stephen! I kind of like the one woman left especially combined with your story. No one ever sits still. You just have to have a fantastic memory or ad lib. Do you suppose they all knew what you were doing so got up and left, but she was the one that wanted to be in the painting? These are priceless! 🙂

    • Hey Leslie – the woman in the chair moved around a lot and I decided to sketch her and try to remember where the lights and darks were – I love Charles Reid’s approach with a swatch of yellow and red mixed with swatch of blue on the paper and I tried to do this – the pipe beach is sometimes very busy with people lounging in the sun or strolling up and down and I really want to capture that part of the tableau. Thanks for this encouragement – it is valuable to me. By the time I had finished she was lying on a towel, feet facing me and her friend had returned from a swim – (o:

  2. No wind at the pipe today! I guess it was a nice break from the past days when the sand was blowing all over the place.

    Three lovely Pipe watercolors. I love the middle one with the people sitting and enjoying the sun and watching the water. And then the bottom one with the one lone woman who looks a little like she’s posing for you.

    It’s nice to see your beach paintings. It’s still pretty cold here and more snow’s acomin’.

    • She was very sweet about it though I suppose it must be a bit disconcerting being painted – it is windy again today – but Saturday was HOT and calm – more snow for you guys sounds hectic for me – I am such a lizard. But the seasons are changing and the leaves on our White Stinkwoods are turning yellow and falling – Cheers hey and wrap up warmly – SJQ

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