On Tuesday evening this guy sat in the tree in our driveway.   I took some photos and then my daughter climbed on the car and took a few more before he flew away.   Here is how I have started:

here is the next wash

This is a Cape Eagle Owl, a large capable raptor and like all owls dead quiet in flight.

I noticed as I painted this watercolour that they have long needle sharp claws and incredibly powerful talons.

And here is the final – I see the paint is still wet so I may redo this later.

Yesterday I was working in my studio to complete a document for a client.  The chicks were scratching in the bush outside the door.  I heard a shriek and looking up saw the owl taking off under the tree.  I ran out to be treated to the heart-rending sight of the owl flying off with Pikachoo in its talons.  Over Debbie’s wall, then back over the open plot behind our house.   Within two seconds she was gone.  So… this is processing.


8 thoughts on “Owl

  1. Your painting is stunning, Stephen and so is the story. Hope you have built a pen with wire on top as well to protect the other two little ones. I like how you saved the detail for the owl’s eyes.

    • Hi Leslie
      thanks – we are being more careful with the others now though there is a lot going on – owls are magnificent creatures – but it was all quite sad

    • Hi Cecily – you are right – they have become real pets – I am sure any farmers reading this would shake their heads about this – and missing the fact that there was an owl hanging around – but anyway

  2. Wooow.I like a lot that you show us the first steps of the painting until it was finished and also I like the way you paint:)

    Thank you, my dear friend! 😉
    This is cool!

    Have a beautiful week-end! 🙂

    • Hi Alina
      thanks – I hope you are also having a good weekend. We are baking here – I love Summer so much – but it is time to wash dishes now – part of life’s rich tapestry – S

  3. A beautiful bird and a beautiful painting. So sad to hear it took off with a chick. Thank you for sharing the steps of your drawing and painting. You know I love to see how you work.

    • Hi CK – thanks hey – yes it was sad but the owl was very beautiful and I would like to paint it again. The remaining chicks are far too domesticated and sit on us when we sit together as a family. We are trying to train Mia to look after them and she is very good though I am sure she is just as keen to bite them. S

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