yet another windy afternoon

there was a fresh north-west wind blowing at the pipe this afternoon – the waves have been really big in the last couple of days but the break has been messy and I have had too much work to get out there.

I sat looking at the sea in a fog of exhaustion before perching on the highest dune to try to escape the flying sand.  And I did this  painting:

Those are the kites used by the kite surfers who are enjoying the slight onshore wind.  And there were low, grey clouds hanging over the mountains –

8 thoughts on “yet another windy afternoon

  1. You are a trooper. You stuck it out despite the odds and came up with a great result. I like the colours you use.The use of pink keeps a nice warmth. Without it one could get a murky look. I use Permanent Rose, as it doesn’t bleed into everything. Keep it up.

    • Hi Erin – thanks for the tip – I will give permanent rose a whirl – I don’t mind the bleeding usually as long as I can keep my washes separate. cheers hey S

  2. Oh my, Stephen. This one is so different. I get the feel of the day through this. I have always felt that something of the artist should come through in the work. Is it normal for it to be so windy this time of year?

    • Hi Leslie – yes it was overcast, with some rain in the offing. There is a lot of wind in Cape Town. We have cold-front systems passing South of the Cape all the time. In Winter the fronts move further North and bring lots of rain. But in Summer we see them passing to the South in the North West wind. As the system passes winds turn to South East. Some years we have South Easters blowing all Summer but this year has not been too bad. Thanks for your comments – S

  3. I feel like if I look at this painting too long I’ll get sand in my eyes! (: And those clouds look like they are ready to burst.

    I like how you captured the pink in the foreground reflected from the pink in the sky.

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