another windy painting at the pipe

Tonight when I got home I took the boys down to the pipe for a surf.  There were some good swells coming through but later it got quite busy so I decided I would rather go and paint a watercolour rather than compete with aggressive aliens – heh heh – locals rule… No just kidding.

I wanted to paint the poles with dune vegetation in the foreground and found a comfortable dip behind the dune where I normally sit.  I sketched the scene.  As I started to paint Ethan came out of the water and took the car keys to change.  I painted from the top down for a change.  The painting was about half way down the beach when Ethan came and told me he had locked the keys in the car – something of a distraction but not a major crisis.  When he went off to get a wire coat-hanger from the surf-school I finished the wash.

Eventually the door opened and I returned to paint.  By then an on-shore wind had sprung up and I completed the painting with sand blowing straight off the dune into my eyes, brush and palette.  Also the light had completely changed over the mountains.  Too bad.  Anyway here it is:

By the time I had finished I just wanted to get out of the wind and sand.  But this is a scene I will consider doing again.


10 thoughts on “another windy painting at the pipe

  1. Hey, Stephen. No 1 I like that warm stretch in the sky off the mountains in the distance. It seems to push the edge of them towards me and gives this pipe painting more depth. I like the foreground layout of the grasses, also.They, too, add to the depthe of this scene. You have developed a nice foreground, middleground, background piece, here, in my opinion. Sand and all!

    • Hey cool – I will reflect on this comment again – thanks Leslie – my whole studio is covered with a thin layer of fine sand from the beach – this is such useful input. S

  2. Hi Stephen. I like the vegetation in the foreground. Have to ask… don’t you ever get tired if this subject? : ) …No, we’re not tired of it. Actually wonderful how the same landscape can provide so many different pictures.

    • Hi Cecily – something I learnt from a mentor when I was starting my facilitation career was the value of repetition. I facilitated many many many project initiation workshops in my first year. I thought I should branch out and he said “no – by knowing the process inside out I could concentrate on the deeper levels of working with people”. And that was what I experienced.
      At the pipe I feel so far from being able to capture what I see in the mountains and the beach,to say nothing of the people walking past. And every day, every minute, it is so different. Maybe one day I will tire of the subject but I suspect that will be something else at work. And hey – Cézanne used to paint the same mountain over and over – he used to rip is canvasses off and through them down in his frustration and the kids in the neigbourhood used to pick them up and sell them. So I am in good company – without being too presumptuous.
      Thanks for your kind comments – S

  3. I love you calm description of yourself and your intent to paint, while all kinds of wild things are going about: the locking the keys in the car, and the sand storm !! And the painting is also very peaceful… very beautiful !

  4. I’m glad you spoke of why you paint the same scene over and over. It’s something I admire very much about your work. Sometimes I think repetition can be “safe”, but you always show how different each pipe painting can me.

    The composition is very interesting. I like the “V” shape in the front formed by the posts and the vegetation. It really creates a very strong feeling of depth.

    Another lovely pipe painting.

    • Hi Carol – I was down there again today and had a twinge of “should I bother” but that was exhaustion talk and I did anyway – thanks for the lekker feedback – S

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