progress at the pipe

The pipe was working so nicely this morning, in spite of an off-shore fresh North Westerly wind.  I had one really nice ride.  But then the wind picked up and the waves flattened out.  So I sat on the beach and did this:

I sat nearer the water to get out of the flying sand and intended to paint the people as they walked past.  However there were not so many strollers today so I concentrated on the mountains.  I feel like I am getting the hang of the colours up there.  Eventually the wind picked up so much that I was getting sand blasted.  The sand was creating paint-effects on my page (o:  -.    So when Calvin came up from his lesson I was ready to vamoos.

4 thoughts on “progress at the pipe

  1. Stephen, I like the cragginess of the mountains in this one. Are you going to eventually add people on the beach in this one or crop it up for a long and narrow panorama? Nice work!

    • Hi thanks Leslie – mm cropping is a good option I should think about that – next time I really want to try to paint people – I did some sketches but did not paint them. The mountains are really quite rugged – perhaps this would be a good time to take a good photo and post it – S

      • I don’tknow about photos. I enjoy your flourishes with the brush. You bring something to life for me about South Africa. Francis does the same thing with Malaysia in watercolor and I feel like I’m right there with the two of you. There is no doubt in my mind that when I view yours and Francis’s paintings that I am getting a special treat in seeing these places through your eyes.

      • Thanks Leslie – this is a great confirmation of what I feel about what I want to present here. I haven’t visited Francis but will do that soon. S

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