a new project

Well I am trying to finish off a version of Animus – someone is keen to buy it but I found a blemish in the sky so am doing another version.  Here is how it looks now:

The painting is 1000×700 mm on Fabriano which as an interesting horizontal grain which picks up dry brush strokes.  This would have been a good sheet to stretch I suppose but anyway –

Oh yes and I have a great idea for a series of paintings for which I need surfers to model for me.  The first will use something like this – modelled by my son Ethan in our verry grrreeen pool and taken by me standing on the roof of our house:

watch this space – heh heh – all I need is to make some time and practice a bit with my airbrush – oh oh oh now I shouldn’t have said that…

Here is how the Animus painting looks now – time to take the dogs for a walk up the hill:


10 thoughts on “a new project

  1. You have been busy. Don’t apologise about any medium you use to create work.
    I remember a wonderful tutor saying to use whatever you like to make your painting happen. We were using sticks with ink that day, but she said if you feel like putting crayon or chalk or glue things on etc etc …. it’s all perfectly fine. I know there will be people who don’t think so, but I love that idea. Freedom from constraints!!!! Cheers,

    • Hey Erin – thanks yes – I feel like there is a bit of flow again – you are right. I have had an airbrush for years, and an old cranky compressor but in December I bought a nice quiet compressor that is sitting on the shelf behind me, waiting for me to get over my own psychodynamic obstacles heh heh – it will come – S

    • I am not wild about chemicals in the pool at the best of times but in the heat of summer we really have to dose up to get it blue. I grew up swimming in farm dams and irrigation tanks which were always green and slimy and well – healthy – so I don’t even notice till friends comment. So…

    • Hi K

      Thanks hey – I am so looking forward to doing this painting but have to address myself to some serious studies first perhaps.
      I have such a cool idea for the painting –


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