sports day

Today we went to support at the inter-schools athletics meeting.  After the initial ceremony there was time to go into Stellenbosch for breakfast with friends.  Sitting under the trees I painted this watercolour of Anita.

During the conversation she said she was celebrating her 60th birthday so I took this photo, signed the painting and gave it to her.

Later in the day while watching Calvin throwing Javelin I did this:

All the guys stretching and chatting before the competition.   I would like to take some time to paint just figures.  These are OK but with some care and practice I am sure I can capture more detail.

At the end of the day I sat behind the stands and painted this watercolour:

Coetzenberg Stadium where the meeting was held is in such a beautiful setting.  Those are the Pieke or Peaks of Jonkershoek mountains in the distance.


4 thoughts on “sports day

  1. What a beautiful area for a track meet. The bottom watercolor sketch is so cool compositionally…and I know how difficult that is on site. I like the grouping of people and the mountains spreading out in the background with the turn of the track. How neat this scene would be with little indistinct runners coming around the turn there. Nice work, Stephen!

    • Hey Leslie – there are some great opportunities for figures and I took some photos of runners coming round the bend – athletics is so exciting – at any level – heh heh – watch this space…

  2. Hi Stephen,
    These are lovely quick sketches. My goodness, you never seem to let your paintbrush sit idle!
    I bet you were using the water in your drinking glass to moisten up your paints at your Stellenbosch breakfast.
    I like the new feature of your blogwhere a small picture can be blown up to almost screen size by double clicking on it. With these eyes of mine, I’m beginning to have to zoom images more and more.

    • Hi K
      Nice to see you again – I almost dipped my brush in my coffee but stopped just in time – (melodramatic phew!) thanks for the comments – Heh heh – I know what you mean about zooming – my eyes are also on a downhill. There is much to be done before they fade… S

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