another pleasant evening at the pipe

There was a light on-shore blowing at the pipe this afternoon when I took the boys down.  There was quite a big swell running and the tide was out.  The waves had a lot of vooma and were crashing on the sandbank.  The short-boarders were having a great time.  I went out and had a wave or two with lots of waiting for the right one.  Which is actually quite fun.  The water is warm again.  I had a short time when I came out to paint a watercolour, before having to rush Calvin up to an event at school.  So I did this.

I tried to get all the shades of grey, red, brown and green right but they are still not quite there.  I started at the darker peak on the right and worked to the left.  When I got the other side of the page I found that I had settled down and had the right saturation for the colours I was using.    I finished off with the blueish peaks on the right.  That is Rooiels on the right with Cape Hangklip just to the left.  Hangklip marks the Eastern entrance to False Bay.

I have just seen that I did not paint the sky – so I added it in here in the studio.  Here is how it looks now:

Oh yes and I focussed on saturating the sea colours.

And – I was rushing to put in the poles but the wash for the beach had not dried so the green pole disappeared into the page – which I think is quite sweet.  (o:


8 thoughts on “another pleasant evening at the pipe

  1. Once again, the pink sand. 🙂 I like this color in the ocean that you are getting. I have a question, after all this time of blogging with you. What is that burnt sienna color on top of those rocks in the center distance? It enhances the painting, but I just wondered what it was that caused that reddish color.

    • Hi Leslie
      I use a lot of Cd Orange in my mixes at the moment, and Cd Red. There is a reddish band near the top of the mountain and I have been trying to capture it in place. I read Jeanne Dobie a while ago who said you can mix burnt sienna with other colours to get more glow – I think it was Cd Yellow and ? Alizarin Crimson I think – no it was Rose Madder Genuine – anyway – I try to mix that sort of colour. The saturation is caused by a wet blotch which chased all the pigment to the edge – one of those cabbagie things
      Cheers hey S

  2. Nice sensitivity of the colours on the mountain – and I like what you did with the sky. It leaves the mountain to speak for itself and the sky sits back quite modestly and lets the mountain have its say, like a man watching his adored wife sparkle for the both of them at a party.

    • Thanks K – I use a small brush on the mountain now, and am learning to soften the colours more. Working small also helps – thanks for the encouragement – S

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