Three chicks

Well I have a major distraction these days.  My daughter brought them home from a friends farm about two weeks ago.

When I leave the room they kick up a real fuss.

But when I sit down again they settle down making little nestling chirps and falling asleep within about 10 seconds.

Anyway I thought I would try to sketch and paint them seeing as they were taking over my desk and I got this far before they got interested in what I was doing:

As soon as they felt some movement they were up and about:

Later they settled again and I put my work down and sketched them again but as soon as I got the paints out:

That is Pikachoo stretching her wings.  At least we think it’s a ‘her’.

Then they decided that eating my paints wasn’t exciting enough so they settled down again.

So I was able to complete the painting

If I allow my arms to stop moving for a few seconds this is what happens:

Well tomorrow let me see if I can get some work done…


9 thoughts on “Three chicks

  1. Stephen,they are adorable. They think you are their Mom, now, I guess. I find it amazing that the dogs are good about having them around as you have Russels. Your sketches are exceptional considering all the interruptions.

    • Hi Leslie – We are trying to get the dogs to accept them but they are not to be trusted. They are both far too interested and we can just see the hunting instincts ticking away. But the chicks are very cute and I would love to do more paintings – there is a lot of detail and colour there. As I write I have them lined up on my right hand, snoozing but flapping to steady themselves every time I move too fast.

  2. Aren’t they just incredible!
    From a visual point of view, their forms are so interesting and I always marvel at the patterns in feathers. I find them just about impossible to paint (the feathers) and of course, if your models are sitting on your arm and moving about, it makes it that much more difficult.
    They are so heart-warming; and I thought I would die laughing when I first saw them perching on your arm.

    • Ag – they just melt my heart – I sit and read in the garden while they scratch around – then the littlest one sits on my foot and shrieks till I pick her up then she nestles in my lap and falls asleep – then the others come up. There is so much colour in those feathers – what they demand is a work of care and detail – S

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