sitting in the wind again

Whoosh – there was a strong on-shore blowing down there this evening – I had a good surf this morning so I sat and painted the mountains above Gordon’s Bay again.  My eyes are still full of sand.

Those are some of the buildings in Strand in the middle distance, which you can just see from this angle.  I wanted to finish the foreground a little more but eventually Ethan came out of the water and I decided I too had had enough.


2 thoughts on “sitting in the wind again

  1. Stephen. I like this one very much. Really cool how you added that rosey steak to the foreground sand to balance the rosey colors in the rocks in the distance. The use of bright colors really pushes that sunny-day effect. Have always liked those darn posts and you do them so well!

    • Hi Leslie – they are interesting hey? Yesterday I started giving them names – mmm – I think of the big one next to the treated poles as ‘oupa’ (grandpa) heh heh – I enjoy sitting here as way to pause and gather – the forward momentum will come when all is ready. The curved pole with the interesting end is gone but there is still one thick, worm-eaten pole off to the right. Next time I will paint that one – it doesn’t have a name (o:
      Thanks for the comments. There are shades in the sand depending on how wet it is, how it faces the sun (there are small dunes) and also how trodden it is. Each foot-print has a colour pattern and I am thinking of a way to capture the blue tint from lots of tracks. S

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