A windy afternoon at the pipe

After sitting in the traffic for half an hour to do 4 kms I had a chance to sit at The Pipe and do this painting.  The South Easter was blowing and I am still getting rid of crunchies in my mouth and eyes.

There is a pole fence just sticking out of the dune and what is left of a boardwalk.  Also someone pulled out one of the poles I usually paint and there it lies.

I had just started this when I realised I was not painting on Arches – it is probably Saunders W or something.


10 thoughts on “A windy afternoon at the pipe

    • Hey Linda
      I find this too – I am working on a sheet of Fabriano right now. I am not sure what but it is smooth. The seizing has rubbed off or something on one side and as I put on the washes I see the moisture soaking through. I am just not used to this having been working on Arches for so long now. I am redoing a painting from years ago that someone has bought but has a blemish on it – ugh!!!
      Also though – when I look at Friday’s painting – it is not too bad.

  1. Wow, how the colors change with the season! I recognized the scene, though. I’m chuckling a little as I thought you had moved closer to the scene and that was why the fence post was missing. I wasn’t noticing enough to pick up the pole laying on the ground because I was drawn into the blue-green of the water and the background peaks. Nice painting, Stephen.

    • thanks Leslie – a few days ago we had these beautiful mauves and greys across the bay – with turquoise water. I sat behind the break loving the colours. It feels good to paint at the pipe again.
      The line of poles I painted before are still there, just to the right of this scene – though some are missing now. The sea was a beautiful blue and green though the kids coming out of the water said it was freezing (the South Easter does this).

  2. Ah, back to the pipe. I feel like I’m home. 🙂 Funny, you have South Easters and we have North Easters. (We call them Nor’Easters) Very, very cold here so it’s nice to see a picture of the pipe. I like the water and the mountains. I am ready to jump right in.

    • Hey Carol – nice to see you around – I hope the heat here radiates your way a little. Nor’Easters sound cold! They call the South Easter ‘Die Kaapse Dokter’ – the Cape Doctor – because it blows away all the pollution for a while. Yep – it felt good to sit and paint at the pipe – even though it was hot and the wind blew sand over everything as I sat. The trick seems to be to sit side on to the wind. When I sat with my back to the wind, within seconds, a layer of sand had covered my paper, and kit.

    • Howzit Cecily – I must say I don’t enjoy the beach much in the wind – my son was coaching in the surf school so I had some time there. Cool about the painting – well I hope it looks good there. Cheers hey S

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