An afternoon at Muizenberg

This afternoon I took a drive out to Muizenberg to pick up my board having confirmed with the good people at Lifestyle Surf Shop that it was all done.  They brought out the board and the bag and said they were only charging me for the repairs to the bag.  Thanks guys.

When I arrived in town the sirens were going and the shark flags were up.  And there was no-one in the water.  Later they put up a red flag which is an all clear of sorts and the surfers went in again.  I had not brought a wetsuit so I sat down and did what I really came to do…  heh heh – guess what that was???

Here is how it started:

Well not really – actually it started with me trying to tape a sheet of Arches twice this size to my book.  Then I just thought “this watercolour business is hard enough as it is…why am I trying to make life so much more difficult?????” and then taping a smaller sheet on.  It was quite windy and I sat with my legs over a low wall above the sand.

Here is the next stage:

That is the same cottage I painted in the last post.  And there are pylons next to the railway.  Here is the next bit or work:

The light was changing all the time as the clouds blew over.  Now and again someone would stop and chat.  All very pleasant really.  I met a young guy who was selling his own paintings on the beach who stopped by.  I also watched a lady teaching her daughter (I think) how to fly a kite.  “put yourself between the kite and the water – keep the tension…”  Here is the next phase:

At this point I thought it was pretty much done.  Then I decided to add a few more darks.  Then Ed came up and chatted for a while after his swim.  He spoke of his idea of setting up a blog with video clips of hikes in the mountains about Muizenberg which I think is quite a cool idea.  I put in a plug for WordPress at this point, so we shall see…  I forgot to take a photo of the last stage and packed up and left.

Here is the final version of the watercolour – photographed here in my studio.

I was keen to have another go at the smitswinkels scene but am bushed.


6 thoughts on “An afternoon at Muizenberg

  1. Hi, I found your lovely work under ‘watercolours’ which is what i also do. I do like the progress shots. I really should do that myself but i get so focussed and forget. Keep it up. Cheers, Erin

    • Hi Erin
      Nice to hear from you – thanks for leaving an introductory comment. Your website and blog is all very well organised – a great example. I had a brief visit and plan to return when the day (or week) is rolling along. I like your paintings too. S

  2. I think I like the softness in this one better.There is also something about those nice darks leading me out to that cottage. I love how you handled the shore and that glassy look to the water skimming the sand. Nice painting, Stephen!

    • Hi Leslie
      thanks – this is more relaxed isn’t it. There is a moment or two as the wave retreats that the sand reflects the sky, then it goes – there is so much going on there that I would love to capture. S

  3. I love when you post the stages of your work. I really feel like it’s a learning experience for me. Make sure you save all these when you publish your book! I will be first on line to get a copy. (It better be autographed!)

    You mentioned it was windy. It doesn’t come across as a very sunny day from the colors in the sky and the water. I like the way the eye travels all the way back to the cottage.

    • Hi Carol – It was overcast. The light kept changing over the cottage as the clouds covered and revealed the sun. So I had to choose. thanks for your nice comments. They are heartening.
      The book and the video come up a lot in my thinking – encouraged by these ideas of yours. (o: – S

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