A morning walk from Muizenberg to Kalk Bay

This morning I went through to Muizenberg to pick up my board.  The boys at LifeStyle surf shop had called me to say it is all ready (even though it wasn’t – but that is a whole other story).  I got there early enough to take a walk through to Kalk Bay – as I did the other day.  What I didn’t say then is that on Monday I did not have enough money on me to pay for my Chococcino and I owed the waitress.  On the way I sat with on the walk and did this watercolour of the view towards Cape Point.  There is a little house right down on the rocks which must be such a cool place to live – I suppose they are used to the trains which pass within10m of their back door.  Here is the first part:

There was a crowd of fishermen below me on the rocks who were chatting and laughing raucously.  Laughter is such a beautiful sound.  Here is how the next part of the painting looked:

The train passed within a metre of where I sat.  I had my back to the pillar for the powerlines.  And a cop strolled past whistling.  A happy chap.  I did the next part of the watercolour once the water reflection in the middleground had dried:

And then I walked and trotted along the line to Kalk Bay.  When I sat down at the Tribeca Bakery in Kalk Bay I saw that I had not put in the concrete post on the rocks.  So I licked my brush and picked up some colour and completed the painting:

The waitress who had taken my bill the other day had been so friendly about the whole thing that I gave her the painting.  So if you ever pass through Kalk Bay drop in at Tribeca Bakery.  They make a great cuppa as well awesome choc chip cookies.  (o:

I was looking forward to a short surf at Muizenberg when I got back although I was in two minds about it.  A few days ago a shark took a guy who was chest deep in the surf at Fishhoek beach.  Bit off his legs and ate them and then came back for the rest.  All they found were his goggles.  Ai.  In the end the board was not ready so the decision was made for me.


13 thoughts on “A morning walk from Muizenberg to Kalk Bay

  1. I am so glad you chose to come back here. That other blog was fine to visit but I missed you here. 🙂 Your painting with story is wonderful. I especially like the idea af a train traveling right along there. Must be beautiful.

    I’m also real relieved you did not go surfing where sharks are lunching.

    • Hi Leslie – it is very interesting to me how, even in a virtual community like this, it is possible to feel the difference. The website is definitely a different arena. I need it because I want to sell paintings and you can’t do that on WordPress but it is a different place.

      Thanks for the welcome back.

      This site is still overlapping with my conversaction blog so I am going to have to figure out a way to sort that out and may have to move again. Eventually I will sort it out. Moving is easy – you just export and import. I would like the blog and the website to have similar names.


      The journey continues

      • Ah – thanks Leslie.

        I appreciate your input here. Thank you so much for the comments.

        What is interesting to me is that I thought the second painting was a VAST improvement but no-one else thinks so – including people here in my home town. So there is something for me to grasp. Of course there is subjectivity involved but there are also design principles I think.

        Cheers hey

      • I think if all I saw was the second one of Ethan skateboarding I would have been impressed with your skill. In the first one you went on to develop your painting furthur and give him a place, a pleasant place. Might I add the question, who does not love a tree, especially one so rich in color as you have rendered? I may be all wet to some, but I believe every artist has a special innate thing that just happens on paper as they create. To stifle that special something with striving to perfection in composition and technique is grievious thing. I believe balance and freedom is such an important part of what we do, I’d rather see someone lean toward that special something and I think that is what you did with the tree and Ethan skateboarding without even knowing it.

      • Well you see now – thanks so much for this – that is such a positive feedback. I like this idea. And I have read James’s notes from his opening about evocative memory and subsidiary ambiguity: “… Good art creates forms which not only concern an artists incidental private associations, but which tap into the deeper stock of common human sensations and feelings” I wanted to believe this and you have just illustrated it in my work. Thank you.

        I love trees – nice dark shady trees to rest under when tired from practicing ‘ollies’.

        I also liked Keith’s comment that, the tree trunk may have benefited from a small change of direction and a little toning down so as not to compete with Ethan’s back. What I have seen you do in your paintings. Well I would like to give that a try.

  2. YAY! You’re back at wordpress! We missed you!

    Love, love, love when you post the stages of your painting so your devoted fans can see your progress and how you work.

    I like Kalk bay very much and enjoyed your story although the fact that you swim were sharks are chowing down on swimmers really gives me the creeps.

    • Hey Carol – thanks hey –

      Your welcome back is really quite touching – it does feel good to be here again.

      I will try to do more of these stages paintings – it is quite fun to do. AND the DVD is looking good except I took a broadside yesterday and now I have to buy a new cellphone – !!!

  3. Nice work, Stephen,
    I bet that waitress was glad to see you! How nice of you to give her your painting – and it’s a fine one too.
    That story about the man-eating shark is so grizzly, I don’t want to think about it. And you go surfing there? Ack! Don’t do it! You are too valuable to us, your cyberspace community.

    • Hi K
      thanks – I like this one. They were all very friendly there so it felt right.
      the shark story is quite unnerving.
      We haven’t had incidents at the Pipe although we are about the same distance from Seal Island where they take those photos of the Great Whites launching themselves clear of the water as they snatch the seals returning to the island.
      Anyway – it is a beautiful coastline to stroll along for now..

      Cheers hey

  4. Head still spinning from all this dashing about – the comments are confusing me, they don’t seem to follow a logical pattern and half of them are discussing other paintings. BUT I love your story with the stages of painting, especially about how you licked your brush, snort! I love the way you draw and it was good to see your lines in the first shot.

    • mmm – that is kind of how it rolled out – and the blog doesnt seem to always put replies under comments – anyway
      Nice to see you this side from that side.
      Thanks for the positive feedback.

      Sitting in the bakery -which is really a coffee shop I suppose – I did not want to haul out my fold up water box and load a brush. I wonder how toxic this stuff is.

      Cheers hey


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