Here is a painting from Smitswinkelbaai, just outside of the Cape Point Nature Reserve.  There is a bit of a hike down to the beach which keeps it fairly uncrowded.  There must be a story behind the name (‘Smit’ – a surname, ‘winkel’ = a shop and ‘baai’ = bay) the official looking site has a description.   Anyway, the trek fishermen were lounging on the beach when I arrived.  As I stepped onto the sand they got a signal from their lookout up the hill that a shoal of fish (I guess) was coming into the bay. They all leapt up and pushed the boat, on a trailer down to the water line – then sat back.  While they waited I did this watercolour of the boat and the rocks.  The unfinished foreground is a testament to the immiscibility of watercolour painting and family outings.


This calls for another visit…


8 thoughts on “Smitswinkelbaai

  1. I like what you have down, so far, Stephen. The addition of bright color is going to lead the viewer’s eyes into the rocks and down to the boat, behind. Will we get the pleasure of seeing this finished?

  2. immiscibility ??? I had to look that word up. This blog is VERY EDUCATIONAL.

    Interesting painting. This is quite different than your pipe paintings. You handled the water a bit differently. I love how you did the curl of the wave. I can’t quite make out what is behind the boat. It looks like an arc of somekind. A bridge perhaps?

    What I find most interesting are the unfinished rocks. They seem to be more brightly colored than how you usually do rocks.

    Can’t wait to see the finished version of this.

    Oh, and I went to the official site. There is a sign that says DON’T FEED THE GREAT WHITES. Are they serious. Yikes!

    • hee hee hee – Hello Carol – I knew that would draw a comment – but really the word came to me as I was thinking of the post walking out from the beach. It comes from my chemistry days oh so long ago.
      Yeh there is a rock behind the boat but again – I had not the time to do it justice sufficient.

      The rocks are like big shiny pearls. They are quartzites and full of iron oxides I think and they get rolled around the beach so they are quite polished. When the waves retreat they shine but higher up they take on subdued pastel shades. Man I love these rocks. (o:

      Yeh the Great Whites hang around on this side of the bay. Now and again the papers publishes photos of these monsters floating in the surf and a few years ago the strollers on the cat-walk at Fishhoek beach were treated to the grisly spectacle of a large Great White eating a woman who used to swim out to the end of the walk every day. Nothing left. When I lived in Fishhoek in the 70s everyone said that there never ever any shark attacks. I used to do the same swim. And now they have regular incidents. No-one is sure why this is so. Some people are blaming the charter boats who chum for sharks and put their charges in the water in shark cages. I don’t know…
      Well I hope they stay around that side and leave us alone at the pipe.

    • Hey Cecily – I am trying to enjoy a last few days before I get serious again – heh heh – your side of the bay is so cool. Even the sharks.

      We also wondered about the building materials. I am sure most of it was carried down. There are some pretty fancy houses there though and I would not put it past someone to chopper their house-kit in.
      I am so enjoying these still days between the wind.

  3. Everything about this is wonderful – the subject matter, composition, colours and quick, but sure, brush strokes. Also the post – I’m experiencing vicarious sunshine via your pictures…and being careful not to tread on puff-adders – yikes!

    • Hi June – well thanks for the supportive comments – boats are such beautiful subjects – totally functional. I would like to do this one more justice.
      This heat is good. I wish I could beam some over there.
      Yep we do keep a look out for snakes. The area is also well known for baboons and there are signs all down the road asking people not to feed them which of course they ignore and so we have these incredibly powerful animals jumping into open windows of cars and stuff. And they have BIG teeth as you know doubt know well.

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