Goodbye 2009

On new-year’s eve eve  I dropped a painting off with my friends Mark and Rae.  We have a long and colourful history together which included the development of a personal mastery programme together – phew!  Anyway they bought one my paintings of the surf competition at Misty Cliffs and I gave Rae the other one for her birthday.  They have both been so supportive of my painting.

Rae had a pounding migraine but offered me a fruit juice, then Mark offered an espresso and we agreed that the occasion warranted a shot or ouzo too.  And then they hauled out all this cheese and biscuits.  So we sat on the verandah and shot the breeze and had bid our farewell to 2009.   I had realised that I was totally burnt out from the year and it was just so good to sit with these two supportive people.  So I wanted to capture something of the moment.  I had to leave so we had a weekend’s conversation in a couple of hours and I took a photo from which I painted this watercolour.  mmm mmmmmm – well there it is.


I spent a good part of New Year’s Eve clearing a blocked sewerage drain before joining friends to see in the new decade.  I am not one for omens but I had a sense that clearing the blocked drain had something to do with letting go of all the negative build-up – yes I have thought of the more graphic metaphors.  It crossed my mind too that this should not be a harbinger of what I will be doing in 2010.  Ai! – well – we shall see.  My task now is to rest and recover.


8 thoughts on “Goodbye 2009

  1. Best wishes for 2010 Stephen.

    This painting shows that your friends are really chilled, comfortable people to be with. Also looks like you were pretty relaxed when you painted this, it’s fluid, loose and even the affection comes across – great stuff!

    • Thanks June – here we are in the next decade. I tried to capture the details in all the stuff on the table but started moving faster as it all started taking too long. I found a brilliant book in our local library in which 23 watercolour artists present their technique and talk about their turning point. Man – there are some good painters out there – Something to which I aspire. thanks for the positive comments. S

  2. Hi Stephen, Lovely sketch of your friends. I agree with June that it conveys a comfortable, amicable friendship with them. (While you and your friends were sitting out on a veranda we were freezing our butts off.) The shot of the bright green leaves in the painting contrasts nicely with the other calmer colors.

    I laughed (sorry) at what you spent New Year’s Eve doing, but it also crossed my mind that it may be a good harbinger of 2010 for you.

    I hope my first day of 2010 isn’t a bellwether of what I will expect in the new year. My home phone didn’t work, my computer went berserk, I dropped a stitch in my knitting and still can’t find it and I already broke my New Year’s resolution to eat better.

    Oh well, Let’s hope there’s lots more painting for both of us (and all of your other faithful blog readers)in the new year.

    • thanks Carol – sounds like a difficult start to the year – bellwether is such a cool word – I had to look it up. Thanks for that.

      Yes – lets get painting. I see you are up and away already. I feel for you in the cold – ai – we had a heat wave today. The whole world went to the pipe – the 15 minute drive took me an hour almost. But I had a good surf to cool down. Not what you want to hear I suppose. S

  3. I laughed so hard when I read about you cleaning the sewer drain and comparing it to clearing out old clutter so you can move forward. Sometimes life brings us the vivid when we can’t figure it out for ourselves. Know that you are an incredible artist and that I learn from what I see posted here. Your paintings look so effortless and filled with brushstokes and color that I am hoping some of my viewing them seeps into what I do.
    I like how the back of the chair in the foreground leads me to the right and Marc, the greenery off his right shoulder points me back to the table, and all the stuff sitting on it, and WHAM! there’s Rae as the center of interest! Your composition in this piece is “spot-on” and I admire the loose relaxed feel it gives off.

    • Ai! – thanks Leslie – high praise indeed – and very encouraging. I love your turn of phrase about life giving us the vivid – isn’t that just how it works. A week after leaving the safety of employment to start my own business, I developed appendicitis and had to have the it out. In fact, my friend Rae pointed out what you have just said.
      Your commentary on the composition of the painting is so uplifting

      I hope you are managing the cold OK there.


    • Yep – they are great
      it is great to be in this blog community too
      but sitting drinking ouzo in the morning and shooting the breeze is – well – just so civilised – though usually coffee will do fine

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