This is a beautiful beach tucked away on the Atlantic coast South of Cape Town.  We all went down there on Christmas morning to relax a little before a family lunch.  I had time for one small painting:


There was no time for the people on the beach – next time maybe


6 thoughts on “Llandudno

  1. Lovely watercolor. What a nice way to spend Christmas day, at the beach. This is a new location, I don’t remember you painting here before. And the name sounds familiar. I believe there is a town in Wales with a very similar name. http://www.llandudno.com/
    How far away from the pipe is this beach?

    • Hi Carol – Llandudno is over on the other side of the Peninsula – on the Atlantic seaboard where the ocean is very chilly compared to False Bay. I am not sure who named the place but I am sure they could have come up with something more local and creative. But there you are. thanks for the comment. S

  2. What I like about this one, Stephen, is that you captured the movement of air and water. It is more an experience than a picture and that is super difficult to pull off. Perhaps the restriction on time is something that helped to make this particular painting read this way.

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