pipe 20091223

Today I had my final coaching session for 2009.  This was good.  Intense!  And exhausting.  When I returned home Calvin wanted to go for a surf.  It was overcast and windy and I was too tired to think of surfing.  Dr Richard Restak suggests the only worthwhile course in this state is to sleep.  But I took my art-box down to do a painting.  I was not thinking clearly and spent a whole long time setting up the three legs and this really fiddly sliding arrangement for holding a board which was too high when I sat.  When I stood my water was too low.  And there was nowhere to put my palette which almost fell face down in the sand.  Eventually after a frustrating half hour of balancing and juggling, putting things down and picking them up again I decided I needed to paint something.  So I took out my squirrel mop and did this watercolour of the mountains at Gordons Bay.


In the interests of starting the process and showing what I have done here is the painting:


I don’t know how the blot in the sky got there but there it is.  The blot to the left of the poles appeared while I was fiddling with all the stuff.  I have just taken the easel apparatus off the box.  Part of the problem is also that my palette only just fits in the handy drawer and when that is in there – nothing else fits in.  So there is some planning to be done here.  I have seen Alvaro Castagnet’s work on his website – he just uses squirrel mops of various sizes.  Amazing work!  I am also pre-occupied with my visit to the gallery this morning to take my work in.  Ai!  The margins in this game are so slim to be split in two.  Anyway – this is all good reason to get my own marketing up and about.   Now I am off to snooze.


7 thoughts on “pipe 20091223

  1. The blot in the sky is an alien craft planning to land. Didn’t you see District 9?

    And please date your posts correctly for us American readers. MONTH/DAY/YEAR. 12/23/09.

    Like Leslie said, ’tis the season… to be discombobulated.

    • If aliens had landed I probably would not have noticed even – mmm the blot does have that kind of feel –
      If I started writing dates in your way I would get myself into real trouble –
      I read that word in a book the other day – about a guy who is dying of cancer and goes to where he grew up to fake a shooting accident to end it all and has a string of interesting experiences. (o: sadly uplifting stuff…

    • Hey Cecily – thanks for that – I hope you and your family are having a great holiday too. We have had some great weather here haven’t we? Though the SE has been pumping today. All the best for 2010 and I hope you are drawing and painting away. S

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