Off to the gallery

A gallery owner has asked me to supply paintings for his gallery in Strand and in Hermanus where he says he sells well.  Yesterday I took some of the paintings from the exhibition and today I am taking these down to him.  He says his customers are looking for figures so I have put in the work I have done from a while ago.  I still have a way to go before I can get my D90 and XR520 so it is time to put it all out there.


I was thinking that there was more to do on this painting but I think it is finished.


I have strengthened the foreground based on feedback from the last submission for the last juried exhibition.


I had this, framed in a gallery for a while but have taken it out of the frame and cropped the painting.


This is from my sunbather exercise at the beginning of this year.  I still like this set.


This is a small sketch on some dimpled paper that I found – I am not even sure what it is.


I loved the light on this girls body.  I have glazed a lot on this painting.  Any more will hit overworked land.


And this was the other submission for the juried show.

4 thoughts on “Off to the gallery

  1. These are beautiful, Stephen. I have always been drawn to the one of the girl catching the wind with the cloth, but my favorite is “grey nude”. The composition and movement of the pose draws me in. Nice work. Congratulations on being represented by a gallery.

    • Hi Leslie – thanks for your comments – It feels like I am working again though the fog is still clearing. I enjoyed doing these paintings. There are a few more figures lying half done in my shelf which I am keen to complete and get out to the gallery. Galleries are OK – it is good to be accepted. It is a good way to get work out there but it carries a massive cost. Negotiating rates for paintings is also nice and realistic. In the end I think it is also about the strength of the artists Brand. I am all for disintermediation though.

  2. Congratulations! You’re being shown in a gallery. Loved all your figures. I, too, especially like grey nude.

    Now stop using big words like “disintermediation” which I had to go look up. You could have just said you don’t like using an intermediary!

    Show off!

    • Hey Carol – the term comes up now and again in my other life – middle-people who grease the wheels of the value chain – heh heh – we learn something new everyday then… I have enjoyed doing the figures and have found a figures class just down the road from where I live which I am keen to join next year. We shall see

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