I got a RA!!

Carol has sent her trusted friend Kaiya over with a special surprise:


Thanks Carol – I will treasure this and consider the next recipient carefully..

BTW – check out the short note I dashed off on this subject at:


Now – how about that????


10 thoughts on “I got a RA!!

  1. You are a man of many talents. Who knew besides a watercolorist and facilitator of workshops you are ALSO a famous egyptologist living in England! LOL! This RA award is particularly fitting for you.

    Congratulations again.

    • Hi Leslie – heh heh – Actually – that looks like an interesting book.
      I did first year Archeology for an interest while I was studying and there was the British guy who did a semester on stone circles and hill carvings. He was as dry as a mouthful of Wiltshire chalk. So I hope my namesake the Egyptologist is a bit more forthcoming. Also I have read thingy Hancock’s book about an alternative theory about how the pyramids were built – apparently today we still do not have the technology to move blocks that size and place them with such precision. That is what he says anyway. So massive teams of slaves dragging blocks up sand slopes just will not work.

      Did you ever find out the origin of this award?

    • Hey June

      Well… seeing as you ask – I have an interest in astronomy…
      though I would not want to bore you
      … (o:

      Do you remember Chicken-Man – the winged warrior. “Chickeeeeen Maaaaan – he’s everywhere he’s everywhere – ter dider dum dum”
      He was on the radio every morning during breakfast for a 5 minute slot.
      He had a PA called Miss Helfinger and was constantly at war with the World Wide Web of Wicked Wrong-doers – which is where we get our http://www.whatever – I am sure.

      The plot developed so slowly in the five minutes per day that I left Cape Town to work in Swakopmund before any conclusion was reached.

      So there

  2. Erm no, I don’t remember the Chicken Man…but really enjoyed your little rendition there!

    Just popping in to wish you all the best for Christmas in case I don’t get an opportunity later.

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