I have received a number of requests for a painting of Helderberg mountain from people visiting the exhibition.  So I thought I would sit and bang off a few sitting there – lots of confidence there.  And I have found the scene to be a whole new party.  There are so many shades of green, grey and red in the mountain.  And there is the matter of the body of water complete with water-lilies.  Dear me – it is quite a project.   There were a small number of people who did a LOT to help me prepare for the exhibition and I wanted to give them each a painting of the mountain.  I think I am getting close but there is still a way to go.  Here is what I have done so far – more or less in chronological order.  These are all 19×28 inches except for one.




In the following painting I tried to organise all the colours on the page.



Below is the last one I did sitting at the pond.  This is 15×22 inches:


I did the following three in my studio over the last couple of days.  I have been feeling rather tired lately so I battled a little with concentration.  But I feel as though I have made some progress that I can take back to the field.  My new art box is part of a display in the exhibition, with a board on it on which I have taped the unmounted paintings from the wedding commission.  I am looking forward to getting it functional again.




I have been reading about how other people capture water.  This is definitely my new area of endeavour.

6 thoughts on “Helderberg

  1. These are all beautiful, Stephen. I like each piece for their unique differences yet all the same in style. You are becoming quite adept with your color changes. I like scrolling from top to bottom in these and seeing the differences in the sky that affect the remainder of the painting. Good job!

  2. I agree with Leslie, especially about the skies. It’s a lovely idea to do a painting for all your helpers – so no pressure then?

    It is a complicated scene but it’s good to give yourself a challenge and try something new – one which you’re taking on well.

    • Hi June – I totally agree with you about the challenge – so I will keep going – water has been a particular subject I have tried from time to time without achieving the effect I really wanted – there is also a time to let go – but for now it is onwards and (hopefully) upwards. S

  3. Can I be a helper? I’ll fly right over if I can get a Stephen Quirke original of Helderberg.

    I loved scrolling down and looking at the mountain with all it’s various colors. And with all the different skies, some bright blue, some cloudy.

    to me you’ve always been able to capture water. I particularly love the paintings with the mountain and the pond.

    Can’t wait until you get that video camera and can give us all lessons via youtube or something similar.

    • Hey Carol – thanks a stack for the comments – I am on the verge of getting a video camera – I had a look at the possibilities the other day. I just need some time for a creative pause – (o: S

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