Wedding-a final submission (for now)

I am meeting with my wedding clients this afternoon to conclude our arrangement.

These are the paintings I am taking with me as part of the offer:

Rehearsal 1:


Rehearsal 2:


the wedding:


All of these are 560×380 mm on Arches 300gm watercolour paper.

I am enjoying working on this subject and may do one or two more.

What do you think?


9 thoughts on “Wedding-a final submission (for now)

  1. How could they not want them all? Such an original idea for a wedding and they will treasure for all time.

    You’ve really painted these so well – the last one in their formal attire is very special, they way the bride and groom are smiling, looking into each others eyes – she looks stunning.

    • Hi June – thanks hey – Yes I think this is a great memory for a wedding. Probably a package with a painting on the day, a painting from the rehearsal and a studio painting after based on photos from the day would be great. S

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