An afternoon at Helderberg reserve

This afternoon I went up to the lake at Helderberg reserve.  I had about an hour for painting.  The sun was baking down and there was a light breeze.  I set up my new bamboo painting box – with fold up feet!!!! and I sat back to contemplate the view.  There is a LOT going on in this scene.  There are a multitude of greens, greys, reds and browns in the mountain slopes.  Then there are all different shades in the water.  And there are also waterlilies and phragmites (reeds) on an island in the middle.  Things happened fast as I painted.  I will have to develop a different approach to painting in this hot weather.  In winter I can only do one wash because it doesn’t dry.  Now in summer I must maybe do lots of little washes.  Anyway…


And here is a photo of my new set up with Helderberg in the background.  Don’t you love the box?


8 thoughts on “An afternoon at Helderberg reserve

  1. HEY! You’re back!!!!! So happy to see you. Love the painting, love the bamboo box, love the fact that you included a photo of Helderberg. It’s very interesting to me to see how you’ve interpreted your view by showing the painting and the photo. Thanks!!!

    It’s summer in your world and winter is only a month away here. Brrrr. So keep showing us your beautiful paintings so we can vicariously enjoy summer here too.

    • Hey Carol – phew – yes its cooking here – I love Summer – I am like a lizard. So I am pushing on – time for the next leg in this journey in watercolour – that mountain is a challenge… Nice to hear from you too – I will come and visit soon.

    • It is coming on hey? I have been looking at the mountain paintings in “Splash” and some other books – I am not alone in the quest to knowing how much to put where – which is heartening. thanks hey Leslie

  2. Lovely painting – and a great set up for doing it. I’m glad you treated yourself to the box. It’s such a good way of transporting materials.
    I’m always impressed at the way you get lots of colour into your mountains.
    Good luck with your upcoming exhibition. I hope you sell out on the opening!

    • Hi DissenG
      the box is great – I have just taken all of the dividers out of the drawer so that I can fit in a nice big pallette. And I took off the fancy aparatus for mounting a board – which I may use if I do big paintings out there. For now I will just put my paper on the top of the box. The legs are really clever, the way they fold up.
      thanks for the comments – I am keen to do this scene again. Cheers hey Stephen

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