Wedding paintings

Here are two paintings I have started from the photos I took during the wedding rehearsal and from photos from the wedding.  Now it is late and I will see how they look tomorrow.


and here is another


Poor old Phillip is leaning over a little here –

there is still some to be done.

Here is how they look a day later:


this is about done I think – I will see tomorrow


The reds are more saturated in the photo than in the painting – lets see how it looks in the morning.


5 thoughts on “Wedding paintings

  1. I really like both of these, but the one with the minister is my favorite of the two.I guess it is that age old idea of uneven number reads better than equal….don’t know. Nice touch, Stephen, having them fade out at the bottom. Makes it very weddingish I think.

  2. Hi Guys
    it is kind of nice this new place hey? Well it is great to have you here. Thanks for the comments.
    The lower painting is from a photo I took at the rehearsal of the bride and groom discussing the day as we all stood in the forest clearing.

    It feels good to be painting again.

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