Back at the pipe – in full summer

We had a glorious, baking hot summer day today.  I had a surf this morning and sat and painted while my son coached at the surf school.

Yep – it is time to get back in the swing of things.  This is my first new posting on the new blog.  And it is the first painting I have done at the pipe for over a month.  My first one blew off my board before I finished drawing and I gave my second to a little girl called Jodi who came and watched me paint for a long time.  So this is what I brought back:


You can click on the picture to see it full size.

6 thoughts on “Back at the pipe – in full summer

  1. It is perfectly fitting that, after a month off, you return with a watercolour of “The Pipe”. I love the hint of green reflecting off the back of the center post. The blue-green of the water really pulls my eye to the distant peaks. I also like the strong warm color in the center where the waves are rolling in. I’ve missed you and glad to see you back and at it!

  2. Another beautiful pipe painting. Someday I want to swim there. (But not when the sharks are feeding.)

    The blue of the water is beautiful. What color do you usually use for water? Ilove the little touch of pink in the sky.

    • Hey Carol – The Pipe is looking good – we have had no wind for a few days – well – not so much.

      I have a range of blues in my pallette from red-blue to green-blue and from light to dark. The lights I use are Cerulean Blue, Manganese Blue and, lately, Cobalt Turquoise. The darker reds are Winsor Blue (red shade) and French Ultramarine. The greens are Winsor blue (green shade) and I have French Ultramarine Green shade which I don’t use much. There are usually shades of blue and green in the sea, though on stormy days it goes grey or brown.
      There are also a variation of shades of green and when the waves break near the beach the churned up sand brings in shades of yellow and browm.

      Ai – so much colour and shape! Who can manage it all? A life work. A journey. Sitting at the Helderberg yesterday I realised this was also a journey.

      This morning I thought about the fact that I need to put in the right shapes and the right colours and values in each section of the painting.

      Thanks for the feedback – S

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