warning – there be spiders – sensitive viewers take note

Sorry June – I just could not resist this.  Isabelle suggested we paint the spiders in our lives – which I think is a good idea.  I took a break earlier to lie on the deck in the shade and read the text I need to summarise now.  But as I lifted the mattress I have out there this mama came running out.  So I got my stuff and shooed her to the edge of the concrete tank behind which she was hiding.  And she sat very nicely while I did these:


She is a Wandering or Lizard-eating spider family:  Sparassidae:  Palystes natalius.  She is probably hanging around to eat the little frogs who are now emerging from the swimming pool which is the neighborhood breeding ground of choice.  As she sits on the wall she is 100mm from back feet to front or four inches.


12 thoughts on “warning – there be spiders – sensitive viewers take note

  1. You know, When the photo pops up it doesn’t matter what you wrote as a headline, because when I read the headline I’ve already seen the photo….

    …. scared of spiders…. I don’t think I’ll look at it no more, I’ll be back an other day to see if there is a new post that’s not about spiders… 😉

  2. What I think about this is creative and mostly “Charlotte” of “Charlotte’s Web”. I’m reminded there is beauty even in those I wish to not co-habitate with. I’m going to share my spider story. Insects and spiders are carefully trapped under a dixie cup, a piece of paper is slid underneath and it is carried out to the garden. They die in my home, otherwise. I started doing this when I learned what was happening to the honey-bees here. Some artists kill things to study them and paint them. I respect you, Stephen, for painting her in all her ramblings. How very creative.

    • Hi thanks Leslie – I am glad you care for spiders – you know it must be hard not looking creepy with eight legs and eyes all over your carapace – but they all seem to have their place. This is exactly what I did with her – I used to take spiders way down the road but they really are everywhere so now I put her down on a rock wall covered with nasturtiums. The other day I met an old lady who also had froggies breeding in her pool. She showed me one of these spiders that lives under a leaf in her paw paw tree – it was all so OK with her which I found precious and inspiring. I have to admit that I have yet to read Charlottes Web – a project to look forward to next holidays I think.

  3. These are wonderful Steven1 Thanks for doing them. “Lizard-eating spiders’?? they must be HUDGE !!! Right after I made the suggestion, our first rain in 6 months started, so my spider is hiding. Hope she won’t get too cold, otherwise it might be a while till I sketch her… Great job, I love it!

    • Cool – thanks Isabelle – I will look forward to that – thanks for the inspiration. I really enjoy this side of the blog world – a real community – S

  4. No you are not sorry in the least Stephen – I can tell you’re sniggering. Ghastly boy! I appreciate what you say about the creatures and I’d never hurt one but UGGGH! Can’t stand looking at them.

    A friend once had a pet tarantula and promised to hide her away when I called round but he didn’t and showed her to me up close. That was 16 years ago and I STILL have nightmares about it. I’m cool with handling snakes though.

    Stop yelling Carol, you’ll scare the ikkle spidies 😀

    • Ag – you got me! – yeh I am also cool with snakes – I will try to keep my “overcoming my fear of spiders” project off here now. I really don’t want to trigger nightmares so I have left out some of the stuff I wanted to say about the spider.
      Yeh Carol – and then you know where they will go – as the kids write “Bwahahaha”

    • Thanks Bill – they are interesting hey? It was a fun little project. I had to get close enough to see the detail but could not get too comfortable because I thought she might come my way.

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