more negative feedback – someone doesn’t like my work

Or maybe it is the paper.  I started this watercolour on Saunders thingy at the Pipe.  The boys were waiting in the car so I thought I would do a quick sketch without a drawing.   Some kids came up from surfing to have a look at what I was doing.  While they were standing there, a seagull flew over and shat on my painting.  First time that has happened.  And it was from a proverbial “dizzy height”.  I looked up to see it flying off in the rather pompous way of some art critics.  heh heh – had to put that in.  One of the comments I got was “brave to attempt subject matter”  – mmm “patronising to say that”.


So I took off the page and put on some Arches 185gm cold press and did this.  The sky was cloudy but the wind dropped and as I finished the sun came burning out.  The mountains were clear with deep colours from last nights rain and no shadows.  While I painted, a few drops of rain fell.   And I was bitten twice by a horse fly.


Some guinea fowl have perched in the tree outside my studio and are making a racket – I wonder if they are discussing my work and waiting for an opportunity to leave their own stamp of disapproval too.  heh heh.


6 thoughts on “more negative feedback – someone doesn’t like my work

  1. One of those days huh? Ever feel like some days you are the pigeon and some days, you are the statue? AArgh! My eyes – those pink crocs again…but I prefer them to the spidies.

    The sea looks rather too green but then this isn’t finished yet is it Stephen? Oh no, everyone’s a critic these days. 😉

    • Yes – the critics – it is early in the morning and this is a good laugh – Nothing like some wry (as opposed to rye – see your last conversation with Carol on your blog) humour – heh heh – not only are we all critics but we are also comedians – S

    • mmm what can I say – the crocs are just there now – they are so comfortable.
      I love painting in a light rain – the results are so random.
      In my first job ever we used to go out at lunch time and throw our sandwhiches to the gulls from the promenade overlooking a beach, hoping they would poo on the sunbathers below – this could be payback (o:

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