Franschoek girls #2

I am sitting skoffing chocolate covered raisins by the handful and listening to Gypsy Music from Putamayo (Russian rap sounds really cool).  And I am working on my hand-in for Saturday for the local Watercolour Group.  Please give me some crit on this painting.  I may be able to do one more version, depending on how I feel tomorrow evening.


This is on 185gm Arches Cold Pressed and is 380x560mm (half a sheet).  I would like to do another with the girl on the left’s right hand more visible over her knee to lead up from the the dance of feet into the hands and faces.

How do you like the dudes shooting the breeze at the back there?

Oh yes – I almost forgot… what is going on in here?  This guy has taken up residence on my wall.


And this guy lives in the karakul rugs on the shelf and has made a lovely web anchored on my brandberg #2 painting in my rack – it is a jungle in here…


although, I haven’t seen the rain spider lately.


16 thoughts on “Franschoek girls #2

  1. STOP POSTING PICTURES OF SPIDERS or I won’t be able to visit your blog anymore. What’s up with all those spiders? You may have to get yourself a new home, sans arachnids!

    I like these two girls although the color seems a bit different than the first one. I like how their blue-jeaned legs and flip flops repeat each other.

    I don’t think I would have noticed the guys in the background had you not mentioned them. I’m not sure they should be there. They distract from the girls which is such a strong image.

    Good luck this weekend.

    • there is a thought – thanks hey.
      if the girls work that is the main thing – I had a thought that the guys create a tension with the girls but if they distract that is not good. Maybe it just needs to be innocuous stuff back there.
      you will be pleased to know that I booted the first spider out. Well after all she wasnt paying rent – I will keep the other little okie if she catches mosquitoes – heh heh – life in Afrique!!

      thanks for the input hey CK

  2. I don’t think it would make much difference if you change the hand position unless you would like it better that way. When I look at this, my eyes go directly to their faces and then travel down the highlights on their forms.If anyone tells you they jump from hands to feet, they are way too picky! Your eye travels right down the highlights in the jeans to the feet. There is no block there. The men are a filler in that upper left sweet spot. My take….leave it. One thing I did do is look at this as a square and cropped it at just below the guy’s waist and a little up from the bottom. Really becomes strong zooming in like that. But not anything you’d have to do.

    • thanks Leslie – I didnt even think of cropping it – I will play with this later today. I agree with your comments on how the eye moves. There are some basic principles maybe but I think people elevate them to a science of composition. You have a nice loose way of critting which I find very easy. I would like to hear your take – if it is different from the cropping idea.
      Cheers hey

  3. If I had a painting this good, I’d just leave it as is. I like the fellows in the background. They are so pale that I don’t think they distract. They’ve got exactly the right saturation of colour to make them stand the gossiping quietly but not interfering at all with the main image – the girls.

    The only think I might suggest and it’s entirely a question of personal taste: I’d like to see something a bit warmer, overall. Maybe in the steps? Although if you do that to one spot in the painting, then you might just imbalance it.
    The hands and feet are super – a mark of great talent. On second thought, just leave it as is.

    • Hi K – thanks for this – it is a cool painting isn’t it. Cool blues that is. I thought of warming it up but decided that it describes the cool shade on the steps. I would like to do another with warmer colours maybe, but I think I have moved on now. Thanks for the considered feedback.

  4. At first I thought it would be better without the chaps at the back but having looked at it several more times (gee thanks for making me scroll up past the spidies with my eyes closed) I think it’s lovely as it is – it works very well either way, cropped or not. Also I like the colours you’ve used.

    So, with all these differing opinions…confused?

    • Hey Ink – howzit over there? No – I really do appreciate the input from everyone – it takes something to put yourself out there and offer a crit – So thanks for this June. Thanks for the positive comments.
      OK – really – no more spiders – there really are creepy things.

  5. I LOVE these girls. They are so natural. I do like the way you left a lot of whites. I also love the spiders. How about painting them instead of kicking them out? I agree, they catch the mosquitoes, therefore are my friends. When the kids were little, we always had one over the bathtub: his name was Peter. The kids would talk to him while taking their bath… I’ll see if I can paint one of mine. There is a nice one in my flower pot.

    • Well thanks for this bit of inspiration. I have thought about painting the spiders. The big ones move very fast though so I will have to put them in a jar. Peter the spider sounds sweet. And thanks for the positive feedback on the girls painting.
      PS I remember hearing a story about a spider called Bruesin who help a guy persist or something – sorry

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