Franschoek girls

Here is a watercolour I have done from a photo of two girls sitting on the steps to look at the photos they have taken.


We have a hand-in for our local watercolour society for the annual merit exhibition this Saturday and I was keen to use the photo for a submission.  We will see how the time holds out.


6 thoughts on “Franschoek girls

  1. Beautiful watercolor Stephen. I love your paintings with people in them. The figures are always so loose and fresh. What are those girls looking at? Are they “tweeting?” Love the hair, jeans, flip flops, bag! Just wonderful!

    • Hi Carol – thanks hey – they were looking at the photos they had taken on a camera. They were both actually in quite off-balance postures so it was hard to get them right. I have started doing another one of the same scene but I want to put in the other girl’s foot – they make a pattern that can resonate with their hands – at least that is what I want to try. I used my new goats hair brushes for this one. Cheers hey S

  2. Really like this sweet painting – they’re so wrapped up in those photos. Carol has a good eye and it would be good to see all of both their feet – your initial drawing is spot-on – the legs and feet of the girl on the right are especially good. It’s nice to see a painting of people.

    • Hi June – I thought so too about the feet – today I got Aura to sit on a step and took some photos of her feet to get the shapes right for version #2. People are so beautiful.

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