Lunch at Franschoek

We have just returned from an outing to Franschoek  the town established by the French Huguenots when they settled in the Cape in the 17th century following the persecution that followed the final revocation of the Edict of Nantes by Louis XIV.  The town is in a beautiful valley at the foot of the Boland Mountains.  I did the watercolour as we waited for our meal.


The car behind Calvin’s shoulder pulled in just as I had drawn the one on the other side of the road which made me a little indignant – I mean… – I thought of Bill’s comment.


4 thoughts on “Lunch at Franschoek

    • Yep – my kids are getting used to me now so they didn’t give me such a hard time. Yes that is a church in the background – the blue is a bit dark but anyway. As I painted, the mountain in the distance emerged from the clouds. I would like to have captured it better but anyway. I had to be careful not to flick my brush on the people sitting behind me heh heh. S

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